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What is KiriHQ?


iriHQ is a cloud based platform that digitises all areas of your business, by providing easy access to all your business operations anytime, anywhere. It’s tailored specifically for your industry, which helps you leverage best practices without spending years and big sums of money in customisation.

A tailored business automation software solution for industries.
Industry Editions: Digital Out of the Box


One of its kind, completely out of the box business automation solution for freight, logistics, road transport operators and enterprise fleet managers.


Digital enablement for the service based industry, retail distributors, equipment rental/ managers, professional services, concreting and waste management businesses.

Holistic business automation solution for entire agri-business value chain, spreading operators, agricultural sales, agri contracting, agronomists and field equipment managers.
Kendrahq-industry management software

Smart business automation solution monitoring end to end business operation for the mining and quarrying industries along the complete supply and serve value chain.


Unique business automation solution offering for equipment health management for engineering industries, maintenance departments, fleet workshops and garages.

Team KiriHQ works with technology leaders and leading industry implementation partners across the globe.

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